Today, Tomorrow, and 1984

Has anyone ever stepped in to sort out all the world’s information? What’s trash and what is truth? Should we presume there is a universal news filter in which every story we encounter is fact-checked and proved accurate? No. Because that job is left up to us.

In the past quarter-century our world has proven itself capable of handling a newer, wider variety of information channels. With the introduction of new media channels and the information they provide on-demand (internet, mobile, satellite) we can begin to see these channels become cluttered with disinformation, propaganda, and outright lies. It is no surprise that these digital mediums including those that have previously existed are controlled at the very tip-top. In the case of television especially, the programming on each channel has become a product of itself and equally its larger parent company. ABC sells us family, while MTV sells us “cool”. Each channel manages to deliver its message by giving this same consistent experience each and every time its turned on. This is what creates draw, identity and more importantly… loyalty. Once a viewer has been sold on brand imaging they become much more vulnerable to ‘fall’ for anything that is put before them, especially if said material has been candy wrapped with the same imagery.

The capitalist infrastructure that is being built within these newer channels: the internet, game consoles & digital tv, will allow for its content distribution to be tailored specifically to any users mood, preferences, history, age, geographical location, social network, at any given time.

Picture Kool-Aid man crashing through the wall every time a child asks for a glass of juice.
“I love when he does that!!”


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