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This website has moved!

I really appreciate you stopping in, but my website has moved!

Please wander over to my new location at:

See you there -Thanks!

My internship at Workfly

Awesome video filmed/edited by Racheal Reardon for OU Career Services.

Oakland University YouTube Submission

Earlier this week I submitted a video to the OU youtube contest, check it out below:


fordirelifesake6FORDIRELIFESAKE: 10/31/99 -12/28/09

This band was a gem.  A diamond in the rough, something for young detroiters to be proud of. Something my friends and I grew up on.  They reminded touring bands who came to town just how to play.  They battled through tough line-up changes and scheduling difficulties for sooo long and all we have to remember them by is this.  Tonight.


Wild International


“It’s better to live one day as a lion than a thousand years as a lamb”

Zack de la Rocha (vocals/keys)
Jon Theodore (drums)

One Day as a Lion and ANTI- announced a release date for the long awaited self-titled EP from former rage against the machine front man Zack de la Rocha yesterday.  This means if you are one of those people who still buy their music at the brick and mortar, indie shop not big box I hope… then tell them to order this so you can have it in your hands by July 22 (worldwide release date).  This summer you can catch Zach de la Rocha at Lollapalooza (Grant Park, Chicago IL) playing on one of the last few dates with RATM in a few weeks, which I think is well worth skipping work for!  Some things only come around once people, so live life unrestricted and you might end up happier. 

ANTI records: now streaming one song from the 5-track EP, if you are anything like me you’ll love every second of it… besides the ‘being on myspace’ part.  Click here to hear the hooplah.

a pink floyd kind of night

Y’know what? I’ll tell ya what.. I enjoy a good movie. and I’ve been wanting to watch see Pink Floyd’s “the wall” pretty much my whole life but friends and others always told me its disturbing and just not good.  Well tonight I am happy to say I can scratch yet another classic off my list..

Sure the wall is boring at times, but its scored beautifully and this type of film direction is totally my style.  Its creepy and nearly everything is meant to mean something yet at the same time mean something else, not to mention it makes you feel like your on drugs.  I would not reccomend watching this movie on drugs, I would also not reccommend this movie to small children.  with that said I loved it! 

so In an attempt to catch up on all the great movies behold the new netflix account!
add me as a friend! ..wait netflix is actually ridding the site of all its member profiles (who needs em anyway right)
why was netflix even trying to be social? isn’t that what social network apps are for? get with it!

anyways im looking for reccomendations now, I’m into horror flicks and comedies.  I love watching documentaries and a handful of dramas.  love the indie wes anderson style and epic speildbergs, hate movies with unececcary cameos, unconvincing premises and bad story telling.  most new studio pictures suck!  any suggestions?

favorite movie of all time is full metal jacket


American Marketing Association
If you attend Oakland University and have an interest in the field of marketing, I highly recommend attending a meeting or two.  The weekly guest speakers are always entertaining, and free food is provided 😀 besides you can always just come and hang out with me -this year’s Director of Fundraising for our chapter.  Anybody wanna buy a raffle ticket?? haha!  


Gone Public!

and so it begins…

I am here now for the first time, using the impressive WordPress platform. Publishing is made easy and all the page rendering is done using CSS, helllooooo web 2.0.

I intend to write loudly on this page, commenting on topics that mostly affect me personally. You can expect me to post a wide variety of news links along with photos I’ve taken, and a heaping of videos for just about everyone’s amusement.

topics that excite me include:

– Marketing
– Advertising & Promotion
– Internet Technology
– World Business
– Media Matters
– U.S. Politics
– Social Issues
– Local News
– Personal Stories

Comments to any update can be added simply using the comments link below each post. I encourage all types of feedback, that includes any criticisms or opposing views you may have; if I am wrong please tell me!

Lastly, don’t forget to bookmark this page! (CTRL+D) or subscribe to my RSS feed (link at top right) or evene-mail this page to a friend!

Thanks for Looking! -Steve