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American Marketing Association
If you attend Oakland University and have an interest in the field of marketing, I highly recommend attending a meeting or two.  The weekly guest speakers are always entertaining, and free food is provided 😀 besides you can always just come and hang out with me -this year’s Director of Fundraising for our chapter.  Anybody wanna buy a raffle ticket?? haha!  


Gone Public!

and so it begins…

I am here now for the first time, using the impressive WordPress platform. Publishing is made easy and all the page rendering is done using CSS, helllooooo web 2.0.

I intend to write loudly on this page, commenting on topics that mostly affect me personally. You can expect me to post a wide variety of news links along with photos I’ve taken, and a heaping of videos for just about everyone’s amusement.

topics that excite me include:

– Marketing
– Advertising & Promotion
– Internet Technology
– World Business
– Media Matters
– U.S. Politics
– Social Issues
– Local News
– Personal Stories

Comments to any update can be added simply using the comments link below each post. I encourage all types of feedback, that includes any criticisms or opposing views you may have; if I am wrong please tell me!

Lastly, don’t forget to bookmark this page! (CTRL+D) or subscribe to my RSS feed (link at top right) or evene-mail this page to a friend!

Thanks for Looking! -Steve