fordirelifesake6FORDIRELIFESAKE: 10/31/99 -12/28/09

This band was a gem.  A diamond in the rough, something for young detroiters to be proud of. Something my friends and I grew up on.  They reminded touring bands who came to town just how to play.  They battled through tough line-up changes and scheduling difficulties for sooo long and all we have to remember them by is this.  Tonight.


Chicago/Miami Bums Rejoice!

BK dropping money from the sky.

If you live anywhere near Chicago or Miami, watch where your walking.  Burger King has launched a fall viral campaign that involves leaving over 5,000 wallets on the streets or at hot-spots.  The wallets containing actual money (ranging from $1 to $100) and BK gift-cards (ranging from $5-$20), are an attempt to lead visitors to local stores and get people talking.  


In addition to the cash the faux leather wallet also comes along with business cards from ‘the king’, local burger king location maps, and a fake drivers license for “the king”.  GE Finanial did a similar promotion back in 2000 with a similar campaign that made 1 in 5 lost wallets found a winner.


Great strategy, good timing, and proving yet again going viral works!  BK must’ve learned something from their subservient chicken campaign. Chicken Mask Really?!?! Click here for the .PDF file, did the really expect people to wear this thing?

interesting stuff nonetheless, thanks to ted.me for the photos!

Love him or hate him, he gets it.

Looks like America’s favorite left-wing nut is at it again, but give Michael Moore some credit.  His last two documentaries (Sicko, Fahrenheit 9-11) reside in the list of top 3 height grossing documentaries of all time.  His latest film “Slacker Uprising” is slated for release on September 23rd across America and Canada, but this time Moore is borrowing a few tricks from Radiohead by releasing the film for free.

Moore gets it!  His low-budget film ($2M) aimed at young democrats will be circulated in high-definition on servers across the world, beginning at the film’s homepage: slackeruprising.com

Movies will be pirated, so why not give a little back?  Thank you Michael Moore, from all of us on the net.  I highly recommend any content developers to follow Moore’s and Radiohead’s lead and look into releasing your media through a creative commons license.  

The world is changing, lets take the money out of big companies’ pockets and put it back into the hands of hard working individuals where it belongs.  

Moore appears on Larry King Live (CNN) tonight at 9:00 PM, take a gander and open up your minds because this man gets it.

the value of FREE, and the pay-off of hard work.

some people are do-ers, others are thinkers.  most young people I would say find it hard to wear certain hats and they are often broken down before they ever find their chance to break themselves into adulthood. maybe this title should be re-thought and looked at as earned through experience, rather than age.  some people work hard, others get lucky.

I was once taught inadvertently that DIY is a way of life, a value I now hold close.  I’ve also learned the value of free by being graciously given things, and seeing first hand its unmeasurable benefits.  a lot of things go unsaid, and a few are worth repeating…

so if you still haven’t heard of the silent giants, then who exactly have you been hanging out with?!