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George Carlin dead at 71

RIP George Carlin
May 12th 1937- June 22nd 2008
George CarlinGeorge Carlin
“I credit that eight years of grammar school with nourishing me in a direction where I could trust myself and trust my instincts. They gave me the tools to reject my faith. They taught me to question and think for myself and to believe in my instincts to such an extent that I just said, “This is a wonderful fairy tale they have going here, but it’s not for me.”

I’m a bit upset over this, I always wanted to see him perform.  As a linguist in my eyes there was no better, his ability to share with the world so many new ideas about randomness and pointlessness.  He was also responsible for the historical bit on the FCC: seven words (NSFW)  Carlin spoke raw truth.