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21st Century Advertising

 In advertising any campaign that proves to increase revenues (or in the case of a corporation increase share price) cannot be stopped, and will not be stopped –that is until the same campaign begins to bear negative effects on the company.  This strategy has become popular only in the past quarter-century and has lead to major changes in social behavior in America.  

As consumers we now expect to hear a company’s jingle or slogan over and over and over, and we must see the logo over and over, or else it will not be remembered.  This extreme over-exposure has only led to the evolution of a culture that has now managed to acquire the unconventional acceptance of recurrence, in which one can now tolerate frequent repetition for longer periods of time.  Consumers’ expectations have also lowered significantly in part due to our cultures’ uniform social structure brought upon intentionally by powerful advertisers, media outlets and various facets of government.