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Wild International


“It’s better to live one day as a lion than a thousand years as a lamb”

Zack de la Rocha (vocals/keys)
Jon Theodore (drums)

One Day as a Lion and ANTI- announced a release date for the long awaited self-titled EP from former rage against the machine front man Zack de la Rocha yesterday.  This means if you are one of those people who still buy their music at the brick and mortar, indie shop not big box I hope… then tell them to order this so you can have it in your hands by July 22 (worldwide release date).  This summer you can catch Zach de la Rocha at Lollapalooza (Grant Park, Chicago IL) playing on one of the last few dates with RATM in a few weeks, which I think is well worth skipping work for!  Some things only come around once people, so live life unrestricted and you might end up happier. 

ANTI records: now streaming one song from the 5-track EP, if you are anything like me you’ll love every second of it… besides the ‘being on myspace’ part.  Click here to hear the hooplah.

Would they?

It seems like the NBA really does wants the Lakers to win a championship this year. 

But It can’t possibly be fixed -I mean wouldn’t that be highly illegal?  Of course it’s illegal, but for all the money Kobe brings in to the league, all the press that would surround a series in LA, and advertsiing deals; yes advertising deals, oh and endorsements.  On paper the league might see its worth risking (or they might not even be looking athe numbers) I say leave the game alone and let it run its course.  All the drama of the game, the emotion, and the excitement shouldn’t be forced, it should come naturally.

These are just thoughts that float around in my head -What really do I know about marketing? 

We’ll find out in June.